Universal 12A LED dimmer
(common ground connection)

Universal 12A LED dimmer <br>(common ground connection)

PDF  Datasheet / Installation diagrams

- 12A output (12V/24V)
- Can be connected in common ground configuration where negative wire is absent (negative is connected to chassis) or negative wire is common to multiple loads
- Ideal for retrofit with existing wiring and switches in marine applications (boats, yachts)
- Excellent dimmer for 12V/24V Incandescent/Halogen bulbs as well.

The electronic circuitry of the DMS dimmers is well protected with features such as No-load, short circuit, overload and overheat protection.
These protective features makes our PWM LED dimmer especially suitable anytime LED fixtures are installed on expensive boats, yachts, RV's and other luxury locations where malfunction could cause costly damages or even destroy the installation. With advanced protective features built into our PWM LED dimmer, such malfunctions are virtually impossible. As an added bonus, automatic recovery features provide smooth and maintenance free operation.
The standby consumption of the unit is only 7mA.

With the DMS series LED dimmers, there are several ways to control the brightness of the LED's:
1. 0-10V control
2. Single momentary pushbutton (including our touchless pushbuttons or sensors)
3. Double (up/down) momentary pushbuttons, giving independent Up and Down control
4. 100k potentiometer

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