Directional Touchless switch incorporates two relay outputs that can switch various load but primarily motorised blinds or shades. The blinds can be controlled by moving the hand in front of the switch plate sensing area in the upward or downward direction. When the hand is moved in the upward direction, UP relay activates. It remains activated for 40s or until another move of the hand stops it. When the sensor detects movement in a downwards direction, the DOWN relay activates.

It is intended for installation in a standard 68mm European wallbox or in a British standard wallbox. The switch requires a neutral connection and has no minimum load.

You can choose any of the different switchplate we have available for the Touchless Directional Switch. As the switchplate does not have any function apart from the looks, many more custom switchplates can be designed and used. The switchplates are easily exchanged to fit perfectly into any interior and are fixed to the base unit with four strong magnets.

The Touchless Directional switch comes in two orientations, depending on the position of the mounting screws in your wall box: one for vertical mounting screws and one for the horizontal mounting screws. Please check the datasheet for more details.

Anigmo touchless switch
Function Directional Touchless switch for blinds
Maximum load 2x4500 W
Minimum load 0W
Voltage 240V /50Hz
Detection range Adjustable, 2-5cm
Mounting 68mm standard wallbox
Wire connection Screw terminal for wires up to 2,5mm2
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