What can I control using Anigmo touchless switches?

Our products can replace any switch or button to control a variety of devices, line voltage (230V) lights, low voltage (12-24V) lights, blinds, doors, doorbells, home automation systems, etc.

Can I replace existing light switches with Anigmo touchless switches?

Yes, however touchless light switches require three wires (including neutral). In case you cannot pull the neutral wire to an existing wallbox, we suggest our touchless dimmer, which can operate in a two-wire mode, in which case it switches and dims incandescent, halogen and "dimmable" LED and other energy saving lamps.

What differentiates Anigmo universal dimmer from other universal dimmers?

While several manufacturers advertise "universal" 230V dimmers, which can dim both incandescent and halogen lamps, as well as "dimmable" LED and other energy saving lamps. Anigmo, on the other hand, offers a truly universal dimmer

What makes your low voltage dimmer universal?

Most low voltage dimmers can dim 12-24V LED strips and 12-24V halogen lamps. Our dimmer dims all types of 12-24V LED and halogen lamps, including those that most other dimmers cannot dim, such as MR16 and G4.

In which countries can Anigmo touchless switches be used?

Anigmo touchless switches fit into a standard round European wallbox used in Germany, France and many other countries. Bristish standard wallbox version can be used in UK and other countries employing British wallboxes. Our low voltage dimmers, on the other hand, can be used in building in any country and are particularly suitable for yachts and caravans.

What home automation system can I use with Anigmo touchless switches?

We offer a range of low-voltage touchless buttons that can be used to control any home automation system using binary input interface. In order to use them with a KNX system, additional KNX bus couplers need to be connected.

Do Anigmo touchless switches use wireless technology?

No, at the moment not, however products with integrated wireless communication are planned. Visit our web site again to find out about the new products or order our newsletter to receive the latest updates to your email address.

Are there sockets available?

Yes, German and French type sockets are available. Their cover plates have the same finish as the switch plates.

Can I change the switch plates?

Yes, all switch plates are attached to the housing with magnets and can easily be replaced.

Where can I buy Anigmo touchless switches?

We sell all products in our online shop. We encourage architects, interior designers and other professionals to contact us when they are planning a project so that we can together design the perfect switch plates to fit their needs

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