Touchless switch AE-2400-LED and touchless remote AE-S-LED have an integrated backlight LED indicator that is turned on, whenever the lights are turned off and vice versa. AE-2400-LED Touchless button can be used as a stand-alone unit to control any load up to 10A or in conjunction with an AE-S-LED remote unit to control a load (lamp) from multiple locations.
In the case of multi-point control (one AE-2400-LED and one or more remote units) indicators on all units are synchronized.

The units are intended for installation in a standard 68mm European wall box or in a British standard wall box. The AE-2400-LED Touchless switch requires a neutral connection and has no minimum load.

Anigmo touchless switch
Anigmo touchless switch

You can choose any of the standard Anigmo switchplates for AE-2400-LED and AE-S-LED. However, the backlight indicator emits light through a switchplate, and for the indicator to be visible, a transparent or translucent switchplate should be used, such as a glass or plastic switchplate, preferably in a lighter color tone.
The switchplates are easily exchanged to fit perfectly into any interior and are fixed to the base unit with four strong magnets.

Both Touchless switch and remote units are available with an indicator in different colors. You can match the LED color and switch plate with the interior design of the installation site.

The Touchless units with indicators are especially suitable for hotels and hallways, to indicate the switch position when the lights are off. Please note that the LED indicator emits light when the light is off and might not be suitable for rooms, where such light might be disturbing, such as bedrooms.

Touchless remote AE-S-LED with an integrated backlight indicator should preferably be connected only to the AE-2400-LED. An AE-S-LED will work with standard touchless products, but its LED indicator will not be functional.

Function Touchless switch with indicator Touchless remote with indicator
Maximum load 2400 W N/A
Minimum load 0W N/A
Voltage 240V /50Hz
Detection range Adjustable, 2-10cm
Mounting 68mm standard wallbox
Wire connection Screw terminal for wires up to 2,5mm2
Note Neutral wire connection required N/A
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