Touchless wall mounted low voltage buttons (momentary switches) are the most sophisticated way to control home automation systems. Please note, these units are not designeed to control any load directly, they provide low voltage output signnal that can be used to control various devices. They come with variey of outputs, including dry contact relay output (binary output) and 0-10V analog output. Use them with a power relay or power pack to control AC loads or with a binary input converters as an input device for any home automation system, such as KNX.

The touchless button is designed to fit into a round 68mm European wallbox or British standard Wallbox. Any of our decorative switchplates from our selection fits onto the Touchless button. The switch plates are easily exchanged to fit perfectly into any interior and are fixed to the base unit with four strong magnets.

Anigmo touchless switch
AS-24-R x y
Function Touchless button
Power supply 12 - 24V DC
Max. standby current 6mA
x:A - optically isolated Open collector
B - dry signal relay contact
D - 0-10V output
y:<empty> - momentary output
S - toggle output
Detection range Adjustable, 2-10cm
Mounting 68mm standard wallbox
Wire connection Screw terminal for wires up to 2,5mm2

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