This page covers the installation of Anigmo touchless products. To see how to install Anigmo low voltage PWM dimmers click here >

Connect Anigmo touchless light switches, dimmers or sensors according to the appropriate installation sheet. Install them into a standard European wall box using screws. Alling the decorative cover plate and gently push it into its place. It will securely attach with magnets.
Cover plate can easily be replaced with cover plates of different design or removed for cleaning at any time.


A light switch unit require an additional wire (neutral), while a dimmer can be connected using two wires as normal switches.

When powering the device or replacing the cover plate, the device will start calibrating. This calibration process is necessary to calibrate the sensore to the environment and takes approx. 5-15 seconds. During the calibration process the device doesn't respond to hand movements.

Download installation instruction from the Support page >

How to instal an Anigmo Touchless Switch
How to instal an low voltage Anigmo Touchless Button
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