Anigmo RGB color changer / sequencer

Anigmo RGB sequencer has a dual function that can be selected by a simple wire jumper:

- Color changer / sequencer
- 3-Channel LED dimmer

Color changer / sequencer

Color sequencer / changer is primarily designed for situations where simple, yet versatile color changing is required without using complex systems or programming.

DMS-3400-X can be used with any RGB reflector or RGB strip that has PWM input or Common Anode connected LEDs.

It is designed with special care for high-end applications (capable of slow, elegant and smooth color changes and transitions, unique colors etc.)

Most color changers/sequencer use same RGB colors (Red, Magenta, Blue, Cyan, Green, Yellow) and usually include quite unappealing rapid flashing and blinking of those colors. RGB-3400-X can certainly do that as well but much more.

It is a preffered choice when more control over the color changing is needed compared to lamps with inbuilt changers but remains easy to install.

RGB collor illuminated building
RGB collor illuminated yacht

In most cases RGB color changing serves as a background mood setting, rather discrete and aesthetic in appearance, not a flashy distraction / attention grabber.
Using automation systems and programming (usually using complex wiring) some of these effects can be achieved.

In contrast RGB-3400-X was designed to be a very simple device, with no need for programming or additional control devices, using very simple wiring. Just connect it to power.

The extreme slow changing option is unique and offers imperceptible color changing that becomes noticeable only over longer time periods. This is impossible with most DMX or Dali systems using 8-bit resolution, causing perceivable light "jumps" with slow changes.

With RGB-3400 even the slowest changes are perfectly smooth with no visible light "jumps" or "steps"

Several different color patterns can be selected, including standard RGB colors (mentioned above), and a selection of Winter and Summer colors for setting special moods.

It also has s random color function with interesting unique and unpredictable colors. This makes any application using RGB-3400-X stand out compared to masses of usual standard RGB changing patterns all around us.

In addition, several units can be connected together and synchronised. By setting a delay between units even more spectacular effects (traveling color wave for example) can be achieved.

All this can again be accomplished using very simple wiring and no need for programming.

It is ideal for showrooms, bars, pools, yachts, signs, landscaping and other applications, where rather unique and aesthetic color changing is required.

RGB collor illuminated restaurant
RGB collor illuminated pool

In addition, the each output channel of RGB-3400-X is well protected with features such as:
- Overheating protection
- No-load protection
- Overload protection
- Short circuit protection

Most color changers / sequencers on the market do not include such protective circuitry to cut costs so be careful when considering installing dimmers in expensive boats, yachts, RVs and other luxury locations where malfunction could cause costly damages or even destroy the installation.

3-Channel LED dimmer

If connected as 3-Channel dimmer RGB-3400-X can be used as three independent universal LED dimmers. Each channel can be controlled by 0-10V signal or 100k potentiometer. While most dimmers can only dim certain types of lamps/bulbs and can exhibit flicker or incomplete dimming range when dimming MR16, G4 and many other LED lamps RGB-3400-X is capable of dimming all 12V-24V lamps, LED strips and halogen lamps, including flicker-free / full-range dimming of MR16, MR11 and G4 lamps.

RGB-3400 LED Dimmer is ideal for use in marine environment such as ships, boats, yachts, sailboats and boat homes since it performs superbly whether powered by power supply or battery.

The electronic circuitry of the RGB-3400 dimmers is well protected with same features as in color changer mode. Protective features are especially important in the marine and RV environment, since vibrations can cause damage to wiring and without additional protection our dimmers offer, this can lead to dangerous situations and dissatisfied customers.

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