This unit can only be used in combination with touchless switch or touchless dimmer and not as a stand anlone unit. The function it performs depends on the master. When connected to a touchless dimmer, the remote dimms the load with same functionality as the master dimmer. When it is connected to the touchles switch, it switches the load with same functionality as the master switch.

Touchless wall mounted switches are the most sophisticated way to control line voltage lighting. Here you select a product, then go to design option to select a decorative switch plate. Any product goes with any type of switch plate. The switchplates are easily exchanged to fit perfectly into any interior and are fixed to the base unit with four strong magnets.

Anigmo touchless remote unit
Function Touchless remote
Voltage 240V /50Hz
Detection range Adjustable, 2-10cm
Mounting 68mm standard wallbox
Wire connection Screw terminal for wires up to 2,5mm2
Note Use with AE-2400R or AD-300 for multi-location installation
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