Minimise virus spread in health care with touchless switches

The interior design of hospitals and other medical institutions will need to transform in order to increase safety and limit the spread of infectious diseases. Achieving this goal will require a wide range of new practices, including procedures designed to minimise infections transmitted through healthcare workers' hands. Viruses and other microorganisms can survive on surfaces for up to several days. You get infected when you touch contaminated objects and then your face. There are many measures to prevent transmission. Some areas and objects are well suited for cleaning and disinfecting, but switches, buttons and remote controls were simply not designed with cleaning in mind and should be kept away from moisture. The best way to reach the goal of limiting the risk is to implement more hands-free solutions.

Anigmo touchless switch in health care institutions, hospitals

One practice should be to install touchless switches and buttons that enable healthcare workers to open automated doors or turn on the lights with a wave of a hand. This eliminates the need for doctors and nurses to touch doorknobs, door handles, access switches and light switches which, in turn, eliminates the risk that healthcare workers' hands get contaminated. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst found bacteria on doorknobs as soon as 15 minutes after they were disinfected. A study of intensive care units cited by the World Health Organization found that adherence to hand hygiene practices was 70% during less busy periods and only 25% during busier periods. Sometimes medical workers simply cannot spare the time. Another concern related to hand hygiene is that healthcare workers are susceptible to a range of skin problems as a result of frequent hand washings. They should be able to avoid touching exposed surfaces.

Anigmo touchless switch in health care institutions, hospitals

No-contact and low-contact solutions make risk prevention much easier for everyone involved. However, most current non-touch switches rely on motion sensing technology such as infrared (IR) sensors and microwave sensors for wave activation. The range of IR sensors depends on the ambient light, which makes it hard for the user to determine the range and does not allow consistency in operation. The range of microwave sensors is affected by metal objects. All these sensors can be triggered accidentally, especially when more sensors need to be placed close to each other to activate various devices such as lights and doors. Passive IR sensors can automatically turn on the lights, but cannot be used to turn them off. This technology also limits the design of command sensors. They need a clear window in the front panel.

Anigmo touchless switch in health care institutions, hospitals

Anigmo switches and buttons incorporate world-class proximity sensors based on capacitive technology. Their front panels can be completely flat with no cracks where dirt and germs could accumulate. They can be easily cleaned and can even be installed inside the wall with only a sign marking the location for maximum security and hygiene. They are an ideal solution for every type of lighting or doors or to control other devices. They can be activated by moving within the range of the sensor your hand, elbow, leg or any other part of the body. Wallbox mounted products have a range of 5-7cm (2-3 inches) and our special long-range sensors up to 30cm (12 inches). They reduce the risk of spreading germs. They protect the health and provide a better user experience for the staff and the patients throughout your medical institution, from the lobby to the waiting rooms and patients' rooms.

Anigmo touchless switch in health care institutions, hospitals

Anigmo touchless products can be installed close to each other without the danger of accidentally triggering the wrong one or all of them. They can detect the direction of hand gestures and can thus accept more complex commands such opening the door and keeping them open or lowering the blinds and stopping them at an ideal position. Unlike some other touch-free controls, Anigmo products can be used even where highly reflective surfaces cause standard touchless switches to false activate. Unlike voice activation systems, they can be installed in noisy environments. Anigmo switches are the best solution for the medical industry.

If you manage a hospital or other medical institution, request that Anigmo products are included in the refurbishment.

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