Touchless remote unit with LED indicator AE-S-LED
(including White Glass Switch plate PG001)

Touchless remote unit with LED indicator
White Glass Switch plate
AE-S-LED (45.00€)
PG001 (+0.00€)
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PDF  Datasheet / Installation diagrams

AE-S-LED has an integrated backlight LED indicator that is turned on, whenever the lights are turned off and vice versa. It can be connected to an AE-2400-LED touchless switch for multilocation control. Each remote unit performs the same functions as the master switch unit. It is intended for installation in a standard 68mm round European wall box.

NOTE: the backlight indicator emits light through a standard switchplate. For the indicator to be visible, a transparent or translucent switchplate must be used, such as a glass or plastic switchplate, preferably in a lighter color tone.

The AE-S-LED is available with backlighting in different colors.

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