Touchless switch (British Standard) AE-2400 RU
(including Green Glass Switch plate PG005)

Touchless switch (British Standard)
Green Glass Switch plate
AE-2400 RU (47.00€)
PG005 (+9.00€)
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PDF  Datasheet / Installation diagrams

Touchless wall mounted switches are the most sophisticated way to control line voltage lighting. It can be used to control any load up to 10A (2400W @ 240V). The switch requires a neutral connection and has no minimum load. It is intended for installation in a British Standard wall box (min. depth: 40mm).

Maximum load: 2400 W
Minimum load: 0W
Voltage: 240V /50Hz
Detection range Adjustable: 2-10cm
Wire connection: Screw terminal for wires up to 2,5mm2
Mounting: British Standard wall box (min. depth: 40mm)

Price (AE-2400 RU + PG005):