Forex Switch plate, paintable PFX01

Forex Switch plate, paintable

This switchplate is made out of Forex and is meant to be painted over with the wall color or to glue the wallpaper of your choosing to the switch plate. In this way, this switchplate can blend completely with the surrounding.
Various other self-made switchplate are also possible, for example attaching favorite photos, images, painting various artistic expressions...
Switch plate dimensions: 90mm x 90mm
Switch plate thickness: 3mm

The switchplate can be used with any of our Touchless switches, Touchless buttons or Touchless remote units. The switch plate is fixed to Touchless units with magnets, that are attached to the back side of the switchplate.

This is the listing for standalone switchplate. If you want to purchase the switchplate with a discount, you should first choose one of our Touchless units and combine it with a switchplate.

(Note: colours and textures represented on the website may differ slightly from the actual product)

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