RGB color Changer / sequencer + 3 channel dimmer RGB-3400-X

RGB color Changer / sequencer + 3 channel dimmer

PDF  Datasheet / Installation diagrams

RGB-3400-X is a dual function unit and can operate in two distinct modes.

In Mode 1 the unit acts as a simple, yet versatile RGB sequencer. Output produces RGB color mixing / fading that can be selected and varied with a simple three button control. Colors, rotation speed and fade speed can be set over a wide interval offering limitless options for decorative lighting.
RGB sequencer mode is designed for situations, where simple, yet versatile color changing is required without using complex systems. It is designed with special care for high-end applications (capable of slow, elegant and smooth color changes, unique colors etc.) Several unit can be connected together and synchronized to control larger loads. By using multiple units and a programmable inter unit delay even more spectacular effects (moving color wave) can be achieved. All this can be accomplished using very simple wiring and mode selection.

In Mode 2 the unit acts as a simple 3 channel LED dimmer. Three outputs can be controlled with three 0-10V signal or three 100k potentiometers. Three channel LED dimmer mode is designed for smooth, flicker-free dimming of all constant voltage LED modules, including MR16 bulbs as well as 12V/24V Incandescent/Halogen bulbs.

RGB-3400-X (in both modes) includes several protection features against common wiring/lamp malfunctions that can protect the installation and can be powered from DC power supply or batteries. This makes it ideal for use in marine environment such as ships, boats, yachts, sailboats and boat homes.

• Wide variety of color effects with full control over the speed and fade interval (Mode 1)
• Simple wiring, no complex control systems needed for wide variety of color changing effects (Mode 1)
• Smoothly dims any LED including hard to dim MR16 and G4 lamps (Mode 2)
• Superior safety features including Overheating, No-load, Overload and Short circuit protection with auto restart
• Simple synchronization of multiple units for controlling larger loads or additional color effects
• High frequency PWM delivers flicker-free lighting at any level
• Minimum brightness adjusted with potentiometer (Mode 2)
• High efficiency, low power consumption

• Nautical lighting
• RV / caravan lighting
• RGB color changing decorative illumination, bars, showrooms, restaurants, gardens, pools, yachts, signs etc.)
• Applications when high reliability and safety of installation is needed
• Dimming of MR16, MR11, G4 and other LED lamps with integrated current controller
• Applications not requiring complex controllers for versatile decorative color illumination
• Dimming and color sequencing of any 12/24V DC constant voltage LED module such as:
Flexible and Rigid RGB LED Strips, Rope RGB Light, Under-cabinet RGB Lights lamps etc.

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