Directional sensor, 2x Relay (Pulse output)

Directional sensor, 2x Relay (Pulse output)

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SEM-001-2B1 directional capacitive sensors is designed to detect hand movement direction. It can detect up/down or left/right movement, depending on the sensor mounting orientation. It uses patented multi sensor technology for reliable detection of the movement while maintaining large sensing range.

The sensor works trough most materials and can be used as an input device for wide variety of electronic devices.

Dimensions (WxHxD): 47mm x 107mm x 15mm
Adjustable sensing range 0-60mm
Input: 6-30VDC
Output: 2x Isolated Relay contact - Pulse directional output

When the sensor detects movement of the hand in one direction, OUTPUT1 is active for 500ms. When the sensor detects movement in opposite direction, OUTPUT2 is active.

- Hand movement direction sensing.
- Reliable static and dynamic object detection (user's hand, foot etc.) through most materials.
- Can be hidden behind walls, floors, surfaces, objects etc.
- Comes with variety of output options for use as an input device with any device needing directional control.
- Low power consumption.
- Excellent noise immunity.

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