Touchless button (OC out / latching) AS-24RAS
(including White Glass Switch plate PG001)

Touchless button (OC out / latching)
White Glass Switch plate
AS-24RAS (47.00€)
PG001 (+0.00€)
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PDF  Datasheet / Installation diagrams

Touchless button is a touchless sensor with dry relay output that can be mounted in standard 60mm wallbox.

Power supply: 12 - 24V DC
Max. standby current: 6mA
Output: optically isolated Open collector (momentary, NO)
Detection range Adjustable: 2-10cm
Latching output

It can replace any mechanical push-button or momentary switch. It can be used as an input device for lights, doors, locks, shades, blinds, motors, valves etc. Stand alone or connected to Home automation and security systems.

It can be mounted into European round style wall box or into British Standard wall box (min. depth: 40mm)

Price (AS-24RAS + PG001):