Touchless Dimmer (British standard) AD-300U
(including White Glass Switch plate PG001)

Touchless Dimmer (British standard)
White Glass Switch plate
AD-300U (59.00€)
PG001 (+0.00€)
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PDF  Datasheet / Installation diagrams

Touchless wall mounted dimmers are the most sophisticated way to control line voltage lighting. It can be used to control any load up to 300W. It can work in two modes, depending on the connection.
If neutral wire is connected to the dimmer, it works in Mode 1,
where it can control and dimm LED, CFL and incandescent lamps. No minimum load is required for operation in Mode 1.
If Neutral wire is not connected to the dimmer, it works in Mode 2. In this mode, only incandescent and dimmable LED and CFLs (minimum load limitation applies) can be dimmed and a minimum of 40W load is required.

It is intended for installation in a British Standard wall box (min. depth: 40mm).

Maxuimum load: 300 W (100W CFL or LED with PF 0.8)
Minimum load: 0W (Mode1) 40W (Mode2)
Voltage: 240V 50Hz
Detection range Adjustable: 2-10cm
Wire connection: Screw terminal for wires up to 2,5mm2
Mounting: British Standard wall box (min. depth: 40mm)

Price (AD-300U + PG001):