Anigmo Touchless Lift buttons

Anigmo Touchless Lift buttons are designed as a direct replacement for mechanical buttons. They look and feel like regular mechanical lift buttons. Because they implement the same proprietary sensing technology as the rest of Anigmo touchless products they need no openings or lenses to operate. In addition, the front plate is made from solid stainless steel, making them robust and resistant to wear and tear. This also enables adding clearly visible symbols to the front of the button, either engraved or backlit.

Anigmo Touchless Lift buttons use patent-pending capacitive sensing technology and are completely unaffected by ambient light or reflective surface, which can false-trigger optical (IR) sensors. They are also unaffected by the object color, which gives inconsistent triggering with IR (such as black gloves).

All Anigmo touchless sensors, including the one implemented in Anigmo Touchless Lift buttons, are tuned to human body density. This eliminates false triggers by insects, flying debris, or other objects, that may land near or on the button.

Anigmo Touchless Lift buttons are also a great way to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Anigmo touchless buttons for elevators / lifts

Mechanical backup/safety

In addition to touchless operation, some Anigmo Touchless Lift buttons offer a fallback to mechanical operation if needed. By disabling the electronics inside of the button, it can operate as a regular mechanical button. It is important to emphasize, that this is not an emulation of mechanical operation by "mimicking" keypresses via the internal relay. When in mechanical mode, the user actually presses the mechanical push button. The signal wires of the button are directly connected to a mechanical button inside. In this mode, there is no electrical or mechanical difference between Anigmo Touchless button and a mechanical button, the electronics is completely disabled and inactive.

In the case of multiple Anigmo Touchless Lift buttons with mechanical backups, they can all be deactivated with a single operation. No need for complex wiring. In case of emergency (such as fire or dense smoke), a single switch turns all touchless buttons into standard, mechanical buttons.

In case of power failure, the button automatically falls back to mechanical operation.

Anigmo touchless buttons for elevators / lifts


All Anigmo Touchless Lift buttons feature LED backlighting in various standard colors. Some versions can include backlit or engraved symbols such as numbers, letters, and glyphs to indicate button function. At the moment we offer two buttons with different dimensions but will add more button sizes and shapes in the future.


Dimensions of Anigmo Touchless Lift buttons (current and in the future) are chosen to fit into an existing installation. They are intended to replace specific mechanical buttons with touchless alternatives while preserving all advantages of mechanical lift buttons (looks, durability, anti-vandalism, mechanical operation, user familiarity, etc).

Anigmo touchless buttons for elevators / lifts

Future proof your lifts

The recent Covid outbreak highlighted the need for hygiene and exposed commonly touched public surfaces (such as lift buttons) as a vector for disease spread. Many diseases have been transmitted in the past this way, from the common cold to the flu. While these diseases are not as deadly, they sure are annoying. A simple replacement of lift buttons with touchless models can limit the spread of any disease, now and in the future. Even if some people will continue to touch lift buttons, others will have a simple option not to. The future is touchless.

Anigmo touchless buttons for elevators / lifts

Advantages over competing technologies

Buttons can be replaced by other motion sensing technologies such as infrared (IR) sensors or microwave sensors. The range of IR sensors depends on the producers and ambient light, which makes it hard for the user to determine the range and does not allow consistency in operation. It can be affected by gloves, reflective surfaces, or ambient light. Some lift manufacturers have already implemented proximity sensors based on capacitance technology, but they have impractically short range, compared to Anigmo Touchless Lift buttons. Using mobile apps to operate a lift is slow and impractical. It is impossible to do it when your hands are full. Voice activation controls are suitable for home automation, but not for public spaces.

Anigmo touchless buttons for elevators / lifts

Advantages of Anigmo touchless technology over IR

Anigmo Touchless Lift buttons IR Touchless Lift buttons
Solid stainless steel front Needs plastic window or plastic front, susceptible to damage
Unaffected by dirt/dust Dust or dirt may degrade the sensor by covering the IR window
Looks and feels like any standard, mechanical button Different appearance, needs plastic window or plastic surface
Unaffected by ambient light or reflective surfaces False triggers, caused by ambient light or reflective surfaces
Unaffected by object color Inconsistent triggering with dark, light-absorbing colors (black gloves)
Engraved or backlit symbols, identical in appearance to mechanical buttons Plastic window limits/eliminates the possibility for backlit or engraved symbols
Identical to a mechanical button when touchless operation disabled /
Identical to mechanical button if power is lost /
Difficult to disable by vandals Can be easily disabled using a sticker, chewing gum, or piece of dirt
AL-27-xx AL-30-S1-xx
Supply voltage 12/24/48V 12-24V
Mechanical Backup Yes No
Output Dry relay contacts/mechanical (NO) Dry relay contacts (NO or NC)
Range 1.2" 1"
Mounting method Plastic nut Plastic spring clip
Connections JST XH 6-pin JST XH 5-pin
Dimensions 30mm x 28mm 35mm x 35mm x 20.7mm
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Last updated Size
AL-27-xx Touchless Lift Button Data sheet 04-Nov-2021 144 kb PDF
AL-30-S1-xx Touchless Lift Button Data sheet 04-Nov-2021 128 kb PDF

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