All Anigmo touchless activation controls employ the same powerful sensing technology that can reliably detect objects through any material. This enables Anigmo activation controls to be covered by any material, shape or design thus adopting any look simply by covering the sensor with a designer switchplate. As all Anigmo controls are touchless, there is no need for any mechanical openings, moving parts or windows in the covering witch plate, allowing for much cleaner and simpler designs compared with controls or switches on the market.

Anigmo touchless activation controls are not intended to switch any load directly, but rather provide low voltage analog or digital signals, that can be used as a way to control low voltage lighting, home automation systems or similar.

Our touchless activation controls come in different shapes and sizes, each optimized for intended mounting purpose. Touchless buttons are intended to be fitted into a standard wall box and covered by any type of switch plate, whereas touchless sensors have no specific mounting purpose and can be used behind almost any surface.
Directional sensors can be used to control any device where the direction is relevant, such as blinds (up/down) doors (open/close) or light (dimm up/dimm down).

Patented technology enables our multiple Anigmo sensors to work in close proximity. This feature allows multi-gang arrangement of wall box mounted touchless buttons or multiple sensors in a single control unit, such as our 4-way touchless sensor.


Anigmo touchless button

Touchless buttons can fit into a standard wallbox and are covered by a switchplate. They come with wide variety of low voltage output signals, and can be used as an input device for home automation systems, opening doors, raising blinds etc.

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Anigmo sensors

Touchless sensors use the same sensing technology as Touchless buttons but have different means of mounting. They come in different sizes with different ranges and can also be used as an input device to any home automation system or power relay.

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Anigmo directional sensor

When a direction specific command is needed such as raise blinds up/down then Anigmo directional sensors are optimal choice. They can detect not only the presence of the hand in front of the sensor but also the direction it is moving.

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Anigmo 4-WAY sensors

Anigmo 4-Way sensor is ideal when multiple controls are needed in a small space. Four buttons can be replaced by a single 4-Way Sensor that fits into a single or double wall box.

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