Anigmo 4-way touchless activation sensor unit use patented capacitive sensing technology, developed and proven for years in other touchless Anigmo products.

This sensing technology can work through virtually any material enabling the control to be covered by any material from wood, glass to natural stone or ceramics.

4-way capacitive sensor
4-way touchless activation sensor with hand


4-way touchless activation unit is a convenient way to replace multiple (up to four) push-buttons with a single unit. It can be mounted into a standard US single or double-wall box.

It is powered by a low voltage power source and provides a digital output signal when an object is detected in front of each sensor.

Convenient backlighting indicates the selected sensor and gives visual feedback to the user.

Using switchplates made from a wide variety of materials and colors, Anigmo 4-way touchless activation sensor can blend into the surroundings or stand out as a masterpiece, even the pattern on the front is fully customizable. The switchplate is attached to the 4-way activation switch with four strong magnets.

The sensor surface is arranged into four quadrants. Approaching a quadrant with a hand activates the sensor in that quadrant. The corresponding output goes high and a background LED indicates that the sensor was activated.

4-way touchless activation sensor quadrants

Patented sensing technology achieves unprecedented reliability and noise immunity and can be used as a touchless activation device for wide variety of electronic devices and systems, such as home automation (via the HA digital input module), lighting (using power relays or power-packs), door activation, door locks and latches, motorized window shades and blinds, sunroofs, projection screens, security systems. It uses proprietary sensor technology for reliable detection of objects while maintaining large sensing range.

Function 4x Touchless Activation sensor
Power supply 12 - 30V DC
Max. standby current 6mA
Output 4x Open Collector (NPN)
Detection range 2"
Mounting single or double gang wallbox
Wire connection Screw terminal for wires up to AWG14
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