• Innovative alternative to pressure, thermal, infrared, microwave, ultrasonic and motion sensors.
  • Safe and reliable way to detect any object (user's hand, foot etc.) through most materials.
  • Low Voltage Sensors can be hidden behind walls, floors, surfaces, objects etc.
  • Can be completely hidden from view for true invisible operation
  • Wide variety of mounting options
  • Comes with variety of output options for use as an input device with any device needing pushbutton control.
  • Momentary or latching output
  • Range adjusted with potentiometer.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Excellent noise immunity.


SEM/SEZ series touchless activation sensors are designed to detect objects through most materials. They operate from low voltage power source and provide a simple digital or analog output when an object is detected in front of the button.

Sensors works trough most materials and can be used as an input device for a wide variety of electronic devices, such as lighting, door activation, door locks, and latches, doorbells. motorized window shades and blinds, sunroofs, projection screens, security systems. They use proprietary sensor technology for reliable detection of objects while maintaining a large sensing range.

SEM/SEZ series touchless sensors can be completely hidden from view, behind paneling or inside walls. SEZ series sensors come in three different sizes and can be fixed using 4 screws, double-sided adhesive tape or cable ties. SEM series sensors can be fixed into a standard US wall box. All SEZ/SEM models use the same sensor technology, the only difference is in size and mounting options for each model. The sensing range is dependant on the sensor size and is different for each model. See the technical data for more details.

If mounting into a standard US wall box using a decorative switchplate is preferable, please check our Touchless Buttons product line. They use the same sensor technology and have similar output options as touchless activation sensors, but are meant to be mounted inside the wall box and covered a variety of decorative switchplates.

Single capacitive sensor with 50mm inch range


Single 50x50mm capacitive sensor with 50mm inch range


Single 100x100mm inch capacitive sensor with 100mm inch range


Single 150x150mm inch capacitive sensor with 200mm inch range


SEM 001x SEZ 050x SEZ 100x SEZ 150x
Width 1.8" 2" 4" 6"
Height 4.15" 2" 4" 6"
Depth 0.60" 0.60" 0.60" 0.82"
Adjustable sensing range 0-2" 0-2" 0-5" 0-8"
Supply input voltage (nominal) 12-24V DC
Supply input voltage (min-max) 6-30V DC
Standby current < 6mA
Output options x: A - Open Collector (NPN OC)
   B - Dry Contact (Relay)
   C - Active high TTL (0-5V)
   D - 0-10V voltage output
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