Anigmo is a registered trademark owned by Anigmoteh, a high tech company founded in 2011 that specialises in the development, production and commercialisation of two technologies:


Touchless switches, dimmers, buttons and controls for lighting, blinds, doors, home automation systems, etc. offer unlimited design options and can be even made invisible. Anigmo developed unique, state of the art capacitive touchless technology with unmatched range and reliability in the field. This makes the use of Anigmo capacitive touchless technology in applications, that are unreachable for existing sensors on the market.

Anigmo recently added touchless elevator buttons to the product range, that boast impresive range and reliability of detection, despite small size.


Anigmo is at the forefront of the dimming technology of both line voltage and low voltage lamps. A patented dimming method allows to dim even some 'non-dimmable' LED and CFL lamps. For dimming low voltage LED lamps Anigmo developed a unique dimming method, based on PWM technology, called Adaptive Pulse Modification (APM) PWM. This method enables dimming of lamps that standard PWM dimmers can't, for example, voltage stabilized LED lamps (MR16, MR11, GU4, etc.) This makes Anigmo PWM dimmers the only true universal LV dimmers on the market.

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