Touchless buttons for lifts to prevent virus spread

The future building design will need to change to increase safety and prevent the spread of infectious diseases, especially by implementing more hands-free solutions. Viruses and other microorganisms can survive on surfaces for up to several days and it gets transmitted when people touch contaminated objects and then their faces. There are many ways to avoid the risk and prevent the spread of germs by minimising surface contamination. Cleaning and disinfecting works well in certain areas, but lift (elevator) buttons are touched too often by too many people. Special antiviral coatings have not been thoroughly tested and would need to be applied repeatedly. Non-touch solutions are another option. Using mobile apps to operate a lift is slow and impractical. It is impossible to do it, when your hands are full. Voice activation controls are suitable for home automation, but not for public spaces.

Anigmo touchless switch for elevator / lifts

Buttons can be replaced by motion sensing technology such as infrared (IR) sensors or microwave sensors. The range of IR sensors depends on the producers and ambient light, which makes it hard for the user to determine the range and does not allow consistency in operation. It can be affected by gloves. These sensors can be activated accidentally, especially when more sensors need to be placed close to each other to control other devices such as lights. Some lift manufacturers have already implemented proximity sensors based on capacitance technology, but they have a very short range.

Special Anigmo lift buttons allow true retrofits with the same dimensions of buttons, they allow the same aesthetic options (materials, engraved labels and backlights), they are as durable as mechanical buttons, they have a 2-3cm (1 inch) range so that the user can select the floor touch-free without triggering the other buttons, and because they look the same, even users unaware of the sensor technology will activate them by touching.

Anigmo touchless switch for elevator / lifts

Anigmo Touchless Lift buttons use patent-pending capacitive sensing technology and are completely unaffected by ambient light or reflective surface, which can false-trigger optical (IR) sensors. In addition to touchless operation, some Anigmo Touchless elevator buttons offer a fallback to mechanical operation if needed. By disabling the electronics inside of the button, it can operate as a regular mechanical button.

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If you are a property manager and want to avoid the risk of virus transmission, you can contact your lift suppliers and request that they integrate our proximity sensors.

If you manufacture lifts, you can incorporate Angimo sensors into your design to meet the needs of your customers. You can search for products in our online shop, or we can develop a control sensor according to your specifications.

Anigmo touchless switch for elevator / lifts

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