SEM-001-2X directional capacitive sensors are designed to detect hand movement direction. They can detect up/down or left/right movement, depending on the sensor mounting orientation. They use our patented multi-sensor technology for reliable detection of the movement while maintaining a large sensing range.

The sensor works through most materials and can be used as an input device for a wide variety of electronic devices. The sensor has two outputs, each dedicated to one of the directions detected.

Different output and detection options offer a wide variety of usages for a directional sensor, from dimming lights, raising blinds and projection screens to opening/closing, locking/unlocking doors, all simply done by an elegant directional gesture.

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SEM-001-2x y
Function Directional sensor
Power supply 12 - 24V DC
Max. standby current 6mA
x: A - NPN Open collector
B - Dry (isolated) relay contact
D - 10V output (0V - off; 1-10V - output level)
y: 1 - pulse directional output
2 - timed directional output
3 - double sensor
Range (single sensor):
Range (double sensor):
Adjustable, 0-2.5"
Adjustable, 0-1.5"
Mounting standard single-gang wall box
Wire connection Wires AWG20

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