Touchless Lift button - blank AL-30-S1-NO

Touchless Lift button - blank

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Touchless lift button AL-30 operates from a 12-24V DC power source and provides a simple digital output (dry contact closure) when an object is detected in front of the button.

The button sensor works through most materials and is resistant to dirt deposits on the surface of the sensor, such as dust and grease. It can reliably detect a hand or a finger even through clothing.

Unlike optical (IR) touchless buttons, AL-30 uses patent-pending capacitive sensing technology and is completely unaffected by ambient light or reflective surface, which can false-trigger optical sensors. It is also unaffected by the object color, which gives inconsistent triggering with IR (such as black gloves)

It is primarily designed to be used as an lift button and it uses proprietary sensor technology for reliable detection of objects while maintaining a large sensing range and strong EMI noise immunity.

The button features a stainless steel front plate and is designed to be indistinguishable from regular mechanical lift buttons. This makes it perfect for the direct replacement of existing buttons while maintaining the same aesthetics and mechanical strength.

The front of the button is blank, but versions with engraved or backlit symbols are available.

Input: 12-24Vdc
Mounting method: Plastic spring clip
Mount cutout diameter: 1.29" x 1.29" (32.8x32.8 mm)
Output: Dry (isolated) Relay contact, Momentary, Normally Open (NO)
Detection range: 1"

(See datasheet for more information)

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