Flicker-Free LED dimmer STUDIO-800

Flicker-Free LED dimmer

PDF  Datasheet / Installation diagrams

STUDIO-800 universal LED dimmer is designed for smooth, flicker-free dimming of all constant voltage LED modules, including MR16 bulbs and 12V/24V Incandescent/Halogen bulbs.

PWM dimmers can introduce flicker that can be observed as "dark bands" in still photos. Depending on the frequency of the PWM dimmer and the capture frequency of the video camera, the flicker can be observed as dark bands, moving across the screen or even the whole screen flickering in the video.

STUDIO-800 dimmer uses a unique linear method of dimming, specifically designed to eliminate any camera flicker, independent of the light type (LED, COB, Mr16, etc).

The unique dimming method minimizes EMI emissions, making this dimmer suitable for situations where EMI emissions could interfere with sensitive electronic signals

It is particularly suited for illumination of video/photo sets, where light flicker is an issue. It's also suited for installations with lots of reflections (such as showrooms, displays, etc) as multiple reflections can make flicker more apparent to the human eye.

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