0-10V Signal boost and isolation unit SB-010

0-10V Signal boost and isolation unit

PDF  Datasheet / Installation diagrams

SB-010 signal boost and isolation unit can be used to eliminate parasitic currents (ground loops) that interfere with 0-10V control voltages by isolating and boosting the 0-10V signal. The boosted signal is also immune to EM interference and can be used in noisy environments. The unit can be used with active (0-10V voltage source) or passive (100k resistor) inputs. Its output is compatible with all DMS series dimmers.

•Very compact size
•Provides isolation between 0-10V source and DMS dimmer
•transmits the signal via encoded digital signal, immune to any EM iterference or wire voltage drop
•Ground loop elimination
•Reduction or elimination of the 0-10V signal voltage drop errors due to the long signal wire resistance
•Reduction of 0-10V signal errors in environments with strong EM interference

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