4-Way Touchless Button SMU-04A
(including White Glass 4-Way Switch plate (cross) PG001-UQ1)

4-Way Touchless Button
White Glass 4-Way Switch plate (cross)
SMU-04A ($149.00)
PG001-UQ1 (+$0.00)
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PDF  Datasheet / Installation diagrams

4-Way Touchless button SMU-04A is designed to detect objects through most materials. It operates from a low voltage power source and provides four digital outputs when an object is detected in front of a specific section of the button. The sensing area of the button is divided into four quadrants, each acting as an independent button with corresponding digital output. Convenient backlighting indicates the selected button and gives visual feedback to the user.

4-Way Touchless button SMU-04A is a convenient way to replace multiple (up to four) push buttons with a single unit. It can be mounted into a standard round European wall box and covered by a variety of switchplates.

The decorative pattern on the switchplate indicates the four distinct sensing areas. Switchplates are attached to the 4-Way Touchless button via four strong rare-earth magnets.

4-Way Touchless button can be used for any Home automation systems using home automation digital (binary) input module and can replace up to 4 mechanical button.

Input voltage: 6-30Vdc
Supply current: 15mA
Output: 4x NPN transistor, Active low, momentary
Mounting: single or double standard US wallbox
Range: 1-2" (adjustable)
Dimensions: 4.15" x 4.15" x 1.5"

Price (SMU-04A + PG001-UQ1):