Wall box Proximity Sensor (0-10V Output) SEM-001-D

Wall box Proximity Sensor (0-10V Output)

PDF  Datasheet / Installation diagrams

Capacitive Proximity Sensor.
Dimensions (WxH): 45mm x 105mm
Thichness: 15mm
Adjustable sensing range 0-60mm
Input: 12-30VDC
Output: 0-10V voltage output (0V - Off)

- Innovative alternative to pressure, thermal, infrared, microwave, ultrasonic and motion sensors.
- Safe and reliable way to detect any object (user's hand, foot etc.) through most materials.
- Low Voltage Sensors can be hidden behind walls, floors, surfaces, objects etc.

Our Capacitive proximity sensors are designed to cover a variety of applications such as input devices for lighting, door activation, door locks and latches, door bells. motorized window shades and blinds, sunroofs, projection screens, security systems.

Large range and ability to detect a hand through any non-conductive material makes this sensor ideal for inobtrusive or even invisible controls. It can be mounted behind paneling, behind drywall...

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