Anigmo at light+building in March 2016


We received national innovation rewards and EU grants. Our products can replace any switch or button to control devices such as: line voltage (230V) lights, low voltage lights, LCD, blinds, doors, door bells, collaborate with home automation systems, etc. and we can also detect direction of the movement.

Our technology detects the hand through various materials at 10cm range or more and allows completely new, sophisticated, Touchless control. Variety design options for electronics and cover plates (stone, wood, rubber, glass, mirror ceramic, plastic, etc.) can be used to match users interior design. Our products are CE marked, have some other Certificates and hold patents: US 6.750.564, CA2.372.487, EP 1.210.771, JP 2001574982; US 7.531.921, EP 2.038.906; 20090284182,etc.

We are on the market since 2010 and work from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU. Some of our customers are well known electronics designers, integrators, architects and other professionals and traders around the globe. We sell all products through distribution network and our online shop. We encourage electronic designers, architects, interior designers and other professionals to contact us when they are planning a project so that we can together design the electronics and/or perfect plates to fit customers needs.

We kindly invite you to our stand 11.1A08 or send us an email for a meeting or ask for additional information.

You can receive 35% discount for Anigmo Touchless Switch (German or British standard) with white glass plate, delivered at the fair. Please send us email for details at This offer is valid only for a limited number of switches on the first-come-first served basis, delivery at the fair and valid until 18. Mar, 2016.

Anigmo adds Touchless Elevator Buttons to the product line

Anigmo Touchless Elevator buttons are designed as a direct replacement for mechanical buttons. They look and feel like regular mechanical elevator buttons. Because they implement the same proprietary sensing technology as the rest of Anigmo touchless products they need no openings or lenses to operate.

Anigmo Touchless Switches, Buttons and Dimmers for prevention of Covid-19 spread

With the recent outbreak of Covid-19, Anigmo Touchless Solutions becomes even more desirable. There are many measures to prevent transmission, including rigorous hygiene measures. While hygiene plays an important part in limiting the spread, even more effective is to reduce the touch itself with Anigmo Touchless solutions.

Anigmo Touchless products with Improved Touchless Sensor technology

Anigmo further improved patented Touchless technology used in Switches, Dimmers, Sensors which work through virtually any material: Stone, Glass, Wood, Plastic, etc and Metal. The sensing technology now offers even more range, boosted EMC immunity, and even the possibility of multiple sensors working in close proximity.

KNX Today: Anigmo Launches a KNX Touchless Switch

Anigmo KNX Touchless Switch can differentiate between eight (8) different commands without any programming. Single Anigmo KNX Touchless switch can accept up to eight different commands and transfers them to the KNX bus to switch or dim lights, operate blinds, set scenes, etc. Convenient backlighting indicates the function selected and gives a visual feedback to the user. This features make Anigmo KNX Touchless Switch the most Powerful, Design friendly and Easy to use switch on the KNX market.

Anigmo launches a KNX Switch

Increasing number of Homes and Commercial Buildings are controlled by Home Automation systems (HA). HA systems have advantages over classical AC switch/load wiring and offer many attractive options but are becoming increasingly complex to control. While it can be controlled by smartphones and other remotes, the need for conventionally located wall mounted controls remain. Anigmo offers unique solution with 8-control KNX Touchless Switch which works through any material, without touching.

Metal Switch-Plates are New Design Options for Anigmo Touchless Switches, Dimmers, Buttons.

Increasing numbers of customers are asking for Metal Switch Plates. At Anigmo we can now offer Metal plates with variety of Metal Surface Finishes which can satisfy every interior Design Freak. The Metal plates will be first introduced at the Light & Building fair in Frankfurt, 18. - 23. March 2018.

New article about Anigmo by Homeandsmart, 28. Feb. 2018.

A new article is published by: Homeandsmart | Smart Home Systems, Devices & Tests at a Glance, homeandsmart GmbH, Ettlinger Str. 59, 76137 Karlsruhe, Germany on Anigmo Touchless Switches, Dimmers, Invisible sensors with title: Touchless dimmer switch in individual design, gesture-controlled wireless switches from Anigmo.

Anigmo Exhibits at Light & Building fair, 18. - 23. March 2018 in Frankfurt.

Anigmo Universal Dimmers, Sensors, RGB sequencer, Touchless Switches and more. Hall 11.1, stand A10, at Messe Frankfurt.

New DMS series Universal Lov voltage dimmers 17A, 25A and signal booster

Our well known series of DMS Universal dimmers is now available with 2 new products: 17A and  25A. 

Anigmo at light+building in March 2016

We exhibit at Light+Building, 13. - 18. March,  Frankfurt.

Anigmo PWM dimmer, Updated

We have improved our low voltage PWM dimmers with new features. 

ANIGMO at the innovation fair 2014, Seul , Korea.

ANIGMO awarded Silver medal from SEUL fair in Korea for innovation Touchless switch.

Anigmo receives 2014 Best National Innovation Award

From 47 nominated innovations Marko Cencur, MSc. received first place with 'Touchless Directional Sensor'.


Anigmo started to manufacture touchless switches for British standard, so now customers in the countries that use it can get our amazing switches


Now we opened the on-line shop, targeted to all other International markets.


ANIGMO displayed at the Light+Building 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. We presented our third generation of touchless switches.

Anigmo at Light+Building

Touchless switches, universal dimmers and more, Hall 11.1, stand A08

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