The New Face of Dimmer Switch is up to you: Any material, Any Size, Any Shape...
Revolutionary sensor-based design makes traditional light switches obsolete by eliminating all visible controls.

No more reaching for on/off switches, unsightly sliders, toggles and dials. Now your lighting control point is a tasteful decorator wall plate set flush with your wall.

Just pass your hand over the wall plate to set the mood. You're in control with the world's first invisible/touchless dimmer. Brighter, darker - it's up to you.
Anigmo Wall Plates match any interior décor
Since the switch mechanisms are completely hidden, the wall plate is the only part that you see. Use stone, wood, rubber, glass, ceramic or any other non conductive material up to 3/4 inch thick as the medium. Your new wall plate attaches snuggly to the Dimmer Control Unit using our proprietary adapter. You can choose a wall plate from our Wall Plate Gallery. Have your design professional create your original wall plate, or do it yourself.

Your wall plate can stand out like a piece of artwork. Some examples are:

- a beautiful hand made ceramic or glass tile.
- an original picture or photo.
- an artistic wood carving peace.
- any flat object that you may find interesting.

You can also choose to install your control unit flush or recessed and make it blend in or even disappear within the wall. Some examples of this approach are:

- match your marble or stone wall covering with a plate made of the same material
- on a tiled wall cover control unit with one of the tiles
- install flush with wood veneer plate
- match your wallpaper
- just paint over a plain plate