PWM low voltage (12V/24V) LED dimmers

DMS series universal PWM LED dimmers are designed for smooth, flicker-free dimming of all
constant voltage LED modules, including MR16 and MR11 bulbs as well as 12V/24V Incandescent/halogen bulbs.
PWM LED dimmer top view
PWM LED dimmer side view



  • Very compact housing
  • 65,000 dimming steps results in smooth dimming of any LED or low voltage Incandescent/Halogen bulb
  • Capable of dimming even hard to dim MR16 and MR11 LED bulbs
  • No-load, short circuit, overload and overheat protection
  • Ideal for retrofit with existing wiring and switches in marine applications (boats, yachts)
  • Excellent dimmer for 12V/24V Incandescent/Halogen bulbs as well.
  • Can be controlled with a variety of input devices including regular wall switches
  • High frequency PWM delivers flicker-free lighting at any level
  • Minimum brightness adjusted with potentiometer
  • High efficiency, low power consumption
  • Safe and reliable screw terminals

  TECHNICAL DATA     DMS-500-X     DMS-850-X     DMS-1200-X     DMS-500-48V  
  • Supply input voltage range nom:
  • Supply input voltage (min - max):
  • Supply Input current:
12 - 24 V DC
6 - 30 V DC
12 - 24 V DC
6 - 30 V DC
12 - 24 V DC
6 - 30 V DC
48 V DC
30 - 48 V DC
  • Output current max:
  • Output load max:

60W@12VDC / 120W@24VDC
100W@12VDC / 200W@24VDC
144W@12VDC / 288W@24VDC

  • Control voltage:
  • Control current max:
  • Control:
1-10 V DC (0V - OFF)
0-10 V controls, Pot 100K Ohm, Dry Contact, Open collector
  • Dimming mode:
  • Operating frequency:
  • Dimming range:
  • Dimming resolution:
390 Hz
65.000 steps
  • Temperature range:
-20 C to +50 C
  • No-Load proof:
  • Short circuit protection:
  • Overload protection:
  • Overheating protection:
Yes, automatic shutoff, reversible
Yes, automatic shutoff, reversible
Yes, reversible
  • Input and output connections:
Screw terminal AWG 16 max.
  • Housing dimensions:
3" x 1.5" x 0.75"
PWM LED dimmer 0-10V connection diagram
*For connection to Anigmo Synchronized Touchless controls (SEZ-xxx.Sx)
wiring diagram for 0-10V control
PWM LED dimmer potenciometer control PWM LED dimmer switch control PWM LED dimmer up/down switch control
potentiometer control single switch control UP/DOWN switch control
With the global need to conserve energy we have seen a shift from incandescent bulbs to LED technology. The quality and efficiency of LED lighting is rapidly improving and its brightness has increased to the point where dimming becomes a necessity. Fundamentally LED is a DC low voltage device, therefore all the related dimmers, controls and wiring, should be low voltage as well.

There are many approaches to dimming LED's, but probably the best is PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). Like triac based AC dimming, the PWM approach turns the current to the LED module On and Off at certain frequency. A longer 'On time' will result in a brighter LED output, while a shorter 'On time' will result in a dimmer LED output.

AC dimmers work at the established 60Hz cycle of the national electrical grid. With PWM dimming manufacturers are free to choose any frequency of the duty cycle. We have chosen 390Hz as we find this frequency to have an optimal balance between efficiency and eye comfort. There is no visual flicker, even at minimum brightness, and the color shift of white LED's is virtually non-existent.

The electronic circuitry of the DMS dimmers is well protected with features such as No-load, short circuit, overload and overheat protection. Unlike our unit, most PWM LED dimmers on the market do not include such protective circutry to cut costs. These protective features makes our PWM LED dimmer especially suitable anytime LED fixtures are intalled on expensive boats, yachts, RV's and other luxury locations where malfunction could cause costly damages or even destroy the installation. With advanced protective features built into our PWM LED dimmer, such malfunctions are virtually impossible. As an added bonus, automatic recovery features provide smooth and maintenance free operation.
The standby consumption of the unit is only 7mA.

The ABS housing of our PWM LED dimmers is small enough to fit into tight spaces such as a LED fixture housing. Two mounting holes are generously sized to allow for various affixing options.

The screw terminals can securely accommodate any size of wire leads up to AWG 16.

With the DMS series LED dimmers, there are several ways to control the brightness of the LED's:
  1. 0-10V control: This is an established and proven way of controlling the output level and is often used with dimmable fluorescent ballasts. Most home automation systems have a 0-10V control option as well as some wall box dimmers such as the Lutron DIVA DVTV.
  2. Our Touchless SEM-001-D has 0-10V output to control dimming and additional output to trigger relay in power packs and thus disconnect power supply.
  3. Contact closure: The DMS series dimmers have two Contact closure inputs, so a momentary single pole double throw (SPDT) 'Decora style' switch such as Leviton 56082-2A can be used to control the brightness. Pressing briefly upon the upper part of the switch will turn the lights On, pressing the bottom part will turn them Off. Depressing either part of the switch longer than one second will activate dimming, either up or down. After release, the switch returns to the non-active central position.
    As an alternative, a single pole single throw momentary switch (SPST) can be used. Each time the switch is pressed it will reverse the previous action.
  4. Open Collector: Any control with a single or double Open Collector output can be used in the same fashion as the Contact Closure. We recommend using our Touchless unit with double output such as SEM-001-2A. This unit installs in a standard wall box and can be finished with a blank Decora look or with a variety of our decorative plates. The SEM-001-2A functions just like the SPDT mechanical switch, but it also detects the direction of the hand movement, so to turn the lights On just wave your hand in upward motion, to turn them Off wave in downward motion.
  5. 100K potentiometer: Any 100K Ohm potentiometer can be used to control a full range of dimming.

The minimum brightness can be adjusted with a potentiometer located on the side of the unit. This feature makes a full range of dimming possible with any type of LED regardless of the manufacturer.

DMX series dimmers are ideal LED dimmers for any application which calls for low voltage DC lighting. It is ideal for home as well as commercial and industrial applications. It is used in recreational vehicles (RV), mobile homes and other large vehicles, such as buses and trucks. PWM LED Dimmer is ideal for use in marine environment such as ships, boats, yachts, sailboats and boat homes since it performs superbly whether powered by power supply or battery. It can also be used for interior lighting in aircrafts.
Other applications include medical, laboratory and other specialty lighting. The DMS dimmers are designed for the flicker-free dimming of any 12/24V DC constant voltage LED module such as:
Flexible and Rigid Strips, Rope Light, Rigid Light Bars, Under-cabinet Lights, Wall and Ceiling Fixtures and also AC/DC MR16 and MR11 bulbs.
DMS series are also excellent dimmers for 12/24V Incandescent and Halogen bulbs.

This unit meets all UL1310 requirements.

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