Anigmo DMS Universal low voltage LED dimmer

ONE dimmer for ALL low voltage lamps

Anigmo universal low voltage LED dimmer can dim all 12V-24V lamps, LED strips and halogen lamps, including flicker-free / full-range dimming of MR16, MR11 and G4 lamps.

Most dimmers can only dim certain types of lamps/bulbs and can exhibit flicker or incomplete dimming range when dimming MR16, G4 and many other LED lamps, so be careful when choosing the right low voltage dimmer for your application.

Dimmer for all types of low voltage lamps

dimming all halogen lamps, LED lamps (including MR16, G4) and LED strips

Halogen lamps

LED strips

LED lamps

Low voltage dimmer can be used in various environments, including:
- Residential
- Offices
- Hotels
- Clubs
- Marine

DMS series dimmers are ideal LED dimmers for any application which calls for low voltage DC lighting for home as well as commercial and industrial applications. It is used in recreational vehicles (RV), mobile homes and other large vehicles, such as buses and trucks.

PWM LED Dimmer is ideal for use in marine environment such as ships, boats, yachts, sailboats and boat homes since it performs superbly whether powered by power supply or battery.

The electronic circuitry of the DMS dimmers is well protected with features such as:
- Overheating protection
- No-load protection
- Overload protection
- Short circuit protection

Most LED dimmers on the market do not include such protective circuitry to cut costs so be careful when considering installing dimmers in expensive boats, yachts, RV's and other luxury locations where malfunction could cause costly damages or even destroy the installation.

Protective features are especially important in the marine and RV environment, since vibrations can cause damage to wiring and without additional protection our DMS series LED dimmers offer, this can lead to dangerous situations and dissatisfied customers.

Anigmo universal low voltage LED dimmer for yachts in marine environment Anigmo universal low voltage LED dimmer for yachts in marine environment

ONE model works with ANY input device

Universal low voltage LED dimmer input devices

0-10V control



Anigmo sensor/
touchless button

Anigmo universal low voltage LED dimmers is not universal just because it can dim all low voltage lamps, but can also be controlled by any means, including push button, double push button (up/down), 0-10V control, potentiometer, Anigmo touchless buttons or sensors. It can also be controlled by home automation systems and can even be controlled by multiple different input devices concurrently.
Competitors products usually accept just one input option per model.

Anigmo universal low voltage dimmer benefits

  • Superior safety:
    - Overheating protection
    - No-load protection
    - Overload protection
    - Short circuit protection

  • Can dim any low voltage lamp, includig MR16, MR11, GU4 LED lamps.

  • High efficiency, low power consumption.
  • High PWM frequency delivers flicker-free light at any brightness level.
  • High PWM resolution with 65000 enable smooth dimming.
  • Soft start function extends the life of halogen lamps.
  • Very compact housing.
  • 5-year warranty.


Supply input current 5,0A 8,5A 12A
Supply input voltage (nominal) 12-24V DC
Supply input voltage (min-max) 6-30V DC
Output current max. 5,0A 8,5A 12A
Output load range
No-load proof
Short circuit protection
Overload protection
Overheating protection
Yes, automatic shutoff, reversible
Yes, automatic shutoff, reversible
Yes, reversible
Dimming mode PWM
Operating frequency 390Hz
Dimming range 0-100%
Control voltage 1-10 V DC (0V - OFF)
Control current max 0.1mA
Control options • 0-10 V control voltage
• 100KOhm potenciometer
• Open collector, Dry Dontact
• Single momentary switch
• Double (up/down) momentary switch
Housing dimensions 1.5" x 3.75" x 0.75" (75x38x19mm)
Input and output connection Screw terminal
Temperature range -20°C to 60°C

Learn more
DMS-500/DMS-850 Universal PWM LED dimmer Data sheet 12-jan-2011 367 kb PDF
DMS-500/DMS-850 Brochure (English) 02-apr-2013 2,0 Mb PDF